End of Indonesia…

So my last month in Indonesia was perfect… I didn’t write anything because I didn’t do a lot of traveling. After Java Rachel and I flew back to Bali and went straight to Bingin beach. This was my favorite spot in Bali for sure. We were so tired from being on the move so much so we just wanted somewhere beautiful by the beach to chill out. This was definitely the place. Bingin is this perfect little beach that you get to by motorbike on a dirt road and climb down 162 steep steps. It’s almost only surfers that stay there. There’s about ten different places to stay right on the beach. They’re all really small bamboo bungalow type rooms and each place has a restaurant as well. There were actually some really nice places to eat on the beach. Rooms were soooo cheap. Cheapest place I stayed in Indonesia actually. At you are literally on the beach so you can just walk down the steps and your in the sand. Bingin is located on the west side of the Bukit peninsula in between Padang Padang and Dreamland. I loved it because it was such a clean beach and there were no big resorts or crazy touristy places. Rachel and I planned to stay for a week but we never left. We spent hours on the beach every single day just swimming and relaxing or reading books. I could have stayed there for months. The people we met there were so amazing and that definitely contributed to us wanting to stay. There was a great group of guys from the UK and also from South America. We went on some day trips around the island checking out some temples and other places but we would come back to Bingin at night. We also did some nights out in Kuta where we got a room for just one night and left all of our stuff in Bingin to just go out and party for a night. Kuta is so fucking crazy I can’t handle it for more than one night. So for the last 2 1/2 weeks that Rachel was here we just stayed there and had a really fun time. We did mushrooms twice in Bingin and both times were amazing. I think that Bingin is the perfect place to do them, its dark and quiet and not a lot of people around. We just laid on the beach listening to The XX and looking at the stars.
 I was so fucking sad to say goodbye to Rachel… I cried in Kuta the day she left. We had such a great experience together I never wanted her to go! We spent a month and a half together and I never got tired of her company. We laughed so much on this trip together! I felt like I didn’t have enough time with her even though we were with each other 24/7 for 45 days. I think we both experienced so much together that no one else can understand and it made us even closer friends. I remember sitting on the boat going to Flores and she and I were kinda miserable and I just said to her, “this is something we will never forget, when we are 60 years old we will be like, remember that one time we were on the boat in Sumbawa…” I don’t think anyone would even believe the things we did together. I’m so happy I got to share this incredible experience with her. Sista friends for life 🙂
After Rachel left I had some time alone which was nice, I had met so many good people in Bingin so I just stayed there and chilled with  them waiting for Keri to get to Bali. Will and I picked up Keri from the airport and as soon as she got off the plane we got beers and stayed up late just catching up on life. It has been almost 3 years since I’ve spent any time with Keri so we had a lot to catch up on! I was so excited to bring her to see Bingin, that place is so special (have I said that enough?) I knew she would be like where the fuck are you taking me! It’s about an hour away from the airport and you drive through some farmland and a dirt road before the steps. Of course she loved it there 🙂 We checked out all the beaches and did a night out in Kuta with the boys. It was so crazy to be partying together in Bali! Last time I partied with this girl was 3 years ago in Vegas and now we are together in Indonesia! I kept talking to her about where I had been and I especially talked about Lombok a lot. We were having beers at Diegos place on the beach and we met a mother and son who were from California. I was telling all of them about Lombok and we were a bit drunk and made plans to go the day after next. I thought maybe it was just drunk talk but the next day we all met up and were still totally down  so I called up my friends at Lombok Unique travel agency and we booked the boat to Lombok the next day. That night we all went out together to Uluwatu to listen to reggae music. I ran into a guy I had met about 3 weeks earlier and we were chatting all night and he was going to Lombok the following day as well so all of us were going to meet up. I sprained my ankle that day and it had been hurting pretty bad but I thought it was ok until I tried walking on the beach and realized I couldn’t put any weight on it at all and had to be carried piggyback down the beach. I woke up the next day in so much pain and we were leaving Bingin that night to go to Lombok so I just laid in bed the whole day taking painkillers and watching movies. It was so lame! I had Fabio carry me up the stairs that night because there was no way I could have made it up them. I seriously can’t believe I made it out of there that day… thankfully I was with nice people who helped me out! I will always love Bingin… I miss that place a lot and think about it every day. I really hope that next time I see it it hasn’t changed too much. I want it to stay the same and not turn into a Kuta beach or something really touristy like the rest of Bali. I fell in love with that place and I have to go back there someday.
We arrived in Lombok around noon and got to the Hey Hey Homestay where I had met these guys from South Africa on my trip there a month and a half prior. I was stoked they had open rooms so we got to stay really cheap right in front of the beach and in a central location in town. It was soooo good to be back there. I love how different Lombok is from Bali. There are far less tourists in Lombok and the locals are so friendly compared to Bali. So many of them remembered me from my earlier trip and everyone would come up to us and say hi. We went to the most beautiful beach our first day there. It’s just crystal clear blue water with pure white sand and only about 5 people on the entire beach. There’s a little warung where we ordered fresh fruit smoothies and Nasi goreng for so cheap. I love how every night in Kuta Lombok there is live music somewhere and everyone goes to the same place so you see the same people out each night. We met up with Daniel, the guy I had met in Bali and all of us went out for dinner and drinks each night we were there. We went back to Mawi beach where Rachel and I had gone before. Such a beautiful drive down the worst road in Indonesia… I am so glad I got to go back to Lombok again. They are building an international airport in Lombok and it will be finished by the end of the year. I worry this means that Lombok will change a lot in the years to come. I think it’s possible that Lombok will be the new Bali. All around Kuta Lombok land is for sale and it looks like the locals are eager to sell their land off and make money but I think this will lead to lots of development in the area and Lombok will change. I want to go back here someday soon and I really hope it stays same same.
Our last day in Indonesia we had to take the ferry back to Bali and then get to Kuta to stay one night before flying out the next morning. It was pretty shitty that the last day I had there was mostly spent traveling. I met up with friends again that night and ended up staying up until 1:30am drinking Bintang which wasn’t the best idea because I had to wake up at 3:15am to go to the airport but it was an amazing final night in Indonesia and was totally worth it. That morning we left with our backpacks on walking through Kuta and people were still up partying in the streets. I wanted to cry when we took off… I can’t believe how much I love that place. I could live there I loved it so much. And not just Bali, the other islands were amazing as well. I think I was also lucky I had such great company while traveling. The people definitely made it great. I have to come back one day. I would love to spend six months in Indonesia and I really want to see Sumatra and Borneo next time. I feel so lucky to have had 2 months there and I hope that I get to do it again someday!

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