Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Lombok

Rachel and I are sitting in a cafe in Lombok waiting for a ride to Kuta Lombok and I finally have wifi so I can write about what we have been up to. We left Padang Padang (so sad) and went to Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is the big resort town in Bali and we didn’t really enjoy it. Tons of families and tourists… not really our style. I got a really bad cold so we have been just relaxing on the beach and being mellow. We left Nusa Dua after one day and went up the coast to Sanur which is on the east coast of Bali. We have been on a beach tour of Bali so far so we haven’t stayed anywhere inland yet. Sanur was like a more mellow Kuta, lots of travelers and shopping. It was a holiday in Bali so almost everything  was closed. We wanted to leave for Lombok but we had to stay in Sanur for two nights because the buses weren’t running due to the holiday. Yesterday morning we woke up really early to get to the ferry to Lombok. The ferry took almost 6 hours and it was pretty miserable. We were sooo tired when we got off the boat. We took a bus to Sengiggi, Lombok, which is where we are now. Lombok is almost exclusively Muslim and has a very different feel from Bali. The landscape here is also very different–tons of palm trees along the beaches and rice fields everywhere. The hotel we had last night was by far the worst we have stayed in… the water doesn’t run, toilet paper is not included, and the power continuously goes out. But it only cost 100,000 rupiahs which is about $4 per person.

I realized I haven’t written anything about the people in Bali! I have been really surprised how friendly all the locals are. With the exception of the people who harass you to buy things everyone is really kind and accomodating. We had a fun afternoon with two local boys in Sanur drinking Bintangs and listening to music. They love American music here and we were dancing and singing with them. They brought us some arak–homemade indonesian rice liquor, and we hung out and drank with them for a few hours. In Padang Padang there was a local woman who called herself “Mama” and she would lay around the travelers all day and offer massages or beers if you wanted one. The Balinese people are very hard workers, waking up around 4am and going to bed late.

Yesterday we met another traveler named Nora from Germany and she is going with us to Kuta Lombok for a few days. I haven’t seen any woman traveling solo until yesterday there were two on our bus. It will take about 2 hours to get to Kuta from here and we think we will stay there for a couple of days before heading to the Gilis. There are 3 Gilis islands and they look incredible. Everyone else we have talked to on this trip has highly recommended seeing them. They don’t allow cars or motorbikes on the islands so everyone either walks, rides bicycles or rides horses. It has an amazing diving and snorkeling reef. From there we may travel further south in Indonesia going to Sumbawa, Flores and Komodo island (where the Komodo dragons are). We don’t have any set plans so far so we will just go somewhere and if we like it stay, if we don’t we will leave. We have to return to Denpasar to extend our visa by July 25th but that is the only commitment we have. Rachel and I have been having SO much fun, she doesn’t want to go home next month. I can’t believe how big Indonesia is, I feel like I could stay here for 6 months and I still would hardly see it all. I’m also looking forward to Keri coming to Bali to meet up with me. I will probably go back to Padang Padang to stay for the few days I have after Rachel leaves and before Keri meets me. I still have yet to find a beach I love as much as Padang Padang 🙂

Well we are about to head to Kuta Lombok!

All my love,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dad
    Jul 09, 2011 @ 20:43:26

    Perfectly wonderful to hear how you flourish traveling, how you love the pace, the people, the nature. It is indeed the best possible way to live, so glad you are giving yourself the opportunity.


  2. Sara Mikkelsen
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 04:05:08

    OMG, it all sounds wonderful – except no toilet paper. Awww! (Used to be there was no toilet paper anywhere – you used water.) Kisses and hugs to you and Rachel and I’m excited that you’ll see Sumbawa, Flores and especially Komodo! Find yourselves a dragon, Mom


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