Costa Rica!

WOW! So much to say about Costa Rica… I didn’t do any writing while I was there because I only had limited time left with Jeff so I tried to avoid wasting time on the computer. I did upload pictures though!

This was a vacation like no other I have ever been on before… and I probably won’t have an experience like this again either haha. We were so spoiled on this trip, it was really amazing. The villa was incredible! The place was gorgeous and the location was perfect. There were howler monkeys in the trees in front and a view of the bay from the back yard. The house came with a 4 person staff: Olman was the bartender/server, Ruth was our incredible cook, Noel was our driver and Nelly was the housekeeper. It felt like we were staying at a 5-star resort all to ourselves. The staff was so friendly and made everything so comfortable for us. I have never experienced a vacation like this before so it was a bit strange to be waited on so much! Instead of picking out hikes or places we wanted to see we were given a list of guided tours (all ridiculously expensive, $100-$150 per person) that we would go on each day. It was an incredible trip and I am so grateful to Tom for giving the this experience.

I would love to travel Central America again someday, but I would want to backpack around and see more countries. The weather was insane! It’s the rainy season in Costa Rica so everyday around 2pm dark clouds would roll in and the rain would begin. Some days it passed within an hour or so but the last few nights it rained into the evening and there was some magnificient thunder and lightning! Even when it storms it is still hot and humid outside. Last night Jeff and I laid in the hammock and watched the lightning over the ocean. The rain doesn’t affect the locals; they still go about their day just as usual.

We stayed in the Guancaste province, it is on the Pacific side of the island not too far from Nicaragua. Coco Beach was the closest town and Jeff and I went there alone to get away from our luxurious village and hang out in the real parts of Costa Rica. The people were all so friendly, the Costa Rican motto is “Pura Vida”, or Live Pure but they say it to each other all the time. Jeff worked on his Spanish and used it to talk to the locals a bit and he became quite friendly with the house staff, it made me wish I could speak Spanish!

We did several tours of the island. We began at Playa Coco and took jet skis out into the bay for an hour. I felt pretty proud of myself that I wasn’t too afraid to ride one! But I got dropped off on this little secluded beach alond the peninsula and walked around by myself for awhile. Jeffs dad, Tom, was really excited about going zip lining so we went into the jungle near a volcano to try zip lining. I was SCARED!!! I still can’t believe I did it… We rode horses into the jungle until we reached the first zip line platform. It was right next to a waterfall and you could hear monkeys and all sorts of animals in the canopy. I was looking at the line several hundred feet in the air thinking that I was going to die… They give you a brief instruction (with a very heavy Spanish accent) then off you go. On the first run I let go of the line… bad… so I panicked a bit and grabbed at it but I grabbed the line in the wrong spot so my thumb got smushed by the metal part that holds you onto the line. I wasn’t hurt bad but it definitely scared me so that the next few lines we went on weren’t that enjoyable for me… We did 10 different lines and the very last one we went upside down on. I was NOT liking that one! I was pretty convinced I was going to fall to my death but everyone was pushing me to do it and I am trying do things out of my comfort zone so I did it! Now I can say I zip lined upside down! Hahaha.

We went out on a boat to go snorkeling a couple days ago. I absolutely love snorkeling and swimming in tropical water so this trip really excited me. Our guide, Moses, took us out into open water and we jumped off the boat and snorkeled for several hours in a few different spots. I hadn’t even thought about sharks until Jeff mentioned that Costa Rica has bull sharks and we were out in deep open water. Apparently 3 days prior a surfer was attacked about 150 miles south of us! I swam with very large schools of fish and we saw rays, eels, and hundreds of species of fish. When we were on the boat a pod of pilot whales swam up to our boat and alongside us for several minutes. I think everyone really loved that experience. It was the third time in my life that has happened to me and I love it so so much.

The last tour I went on was a river boat tour. Costa Rica has so many different species of plants and animals. We saw tons of iguanas, bats, birds, but the coolest animal was the crocodiles. One really large crocodile came within 15 of our boat and hissed at us before whipping its tail into the water and creating a huge splash. That was the first day I got uncomfortably hot. Since the water is full of crocodiles you can’t jump in to cool off… The heat and humidity was really high that day.

Now it is time for me to prepare for Bali… after being so pampered in Costa Rica it will be interesting to do a 180 and start roughing it in hostels! I am very excited and optimistic about the next few months. I only wish I could take you all with me 🙂



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dad
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 14:30:08

    Nice to get the details, I think about you every day and wonder where you are. I am thinking you are in Bali, but perhaps not yet. It is hard to be here and keep track of what goes on in CA. Safe travels


  2. Jasmine
    Jul 01, 2011 @ 22:12:31

    Looking forward to reading the next one! I am so sorry we didn’t get together before you took off on your next adventure.


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